1. The delivery of the products will be made via courier TNT or other courier, depending on the geographical area and volume of the products.
  2. At the time of shipment of the order will be notified of the tracking code of the package.
  3. The Products are delivered to the address indicated by the Customer at the time of the registration referred to in art.3 or at a different address specified at the time of submission of the Order. The place of delivery of the Products cannot be the same as a space or a public area. Dimensione3 Srl reserves the right not to deliver the Products object of the order in the event of the aforementioned circumstance.
  4. It is recommended that Customers pay particular attention to in reporting the data relating to the delivery address (house number, surname on the bell, number, scale etc). Dimensione3 ltd disclaims all responsibility, and is excluded any right of Customer to damages or compensation in order to missed or delayed deliveries for certain errors, inaccuracies, or deficiencies concerning the address of the place of delivery as indicated by the Customer in the Order.
  5. The Customers or the subjects appointed by the Customers who are the address given for delivery of the Products in the Order Confirmation, are required to verify, at the time of delivery, that: (i) the Products correspond to what indicated in the transport document (DDT), both the number and type, (ii) the packaging of the Products is intact, not damaged or otherwise altered.
  6. Any damage to the packaging/packaging of the Products must be immediately claimed by the Customers by the application of a reserve of writing on proof of delivery. It is understood that, once signed the delivery document without any claim, the Customer may not claim any Dimensione3 Srl with reference to the external characteristics of delivered goods.
  7. The Products can be delivered by the persons in charge of Dimensione3 Srl only to Customers or persons authorized by them. The subject to which the Products are delivered must affix a signature to certify the delivery. Are not made deliveries to post office boxes or by inserting the Products in the holes of the letters or other similar places.