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Elenco dei prodotti per produttore Ai Lati Lights

AiLati is a brand created in 2005 by Federico de Majo, the venetian designer who always work in enlightenment, gaining her professional experience in the company, the murano family. This brand comes with its own specific identity in the field of decorative and technical, combining the aesthetic with the use of the most innovative technological standards LED to the new generation.

From elementary geometric forms that is born of the philosophy of the product taken from the venetian designer. This brand of Italian design, offering collections which, by optimizing the possibilities offered by new materials and technologies, and combine glass art and technology. Products Authorities have a strong functional content, as well as aesthetics.

Two of the main areas of the product: a new series of lamps in painted die-cast aluminium with LED light source and a wide range of products where it is characterized by the use of glass opal satin. Precise is the choice: use specific materials – quality and with aesthetic taste that defined – perfect to be paired with the latest generation of LED and enhance the features.

AiLati offers lamps for easy insertion in a variety of environments: from the private spaces dedicated to the reception and the hotel industry, from retail to offices. The contract is a natural vocation for this company. The collections designed by Federico de Majo, are in their simplicity of geometric shapes and in combination of them an aesthetic value that goes beyond the fashion trends, are an expression of the contemporary, but have the flavor of the objects in the timeless.

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