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Grids for the CLASSIC line

The vision AirDecor for the ventilation grills at the natural passage that is present in all the houses.

The materials, shapes and finishes that furnish with class to any environment with the unique patent in the world of the air flow unchanged.

Grids for the CLASSIC line  Ci sono 19 prodotti.


  • Grids - THE PLASTICS...

    The plastics of ABS, precious embrace fanciful finishes; agility, irony and lightness in a play to life.

    The ABS of the line ” plastics noble ” is a thermoplastic resin of the synthesis, the result of the copolymerization of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene. The material is non-TOXIC and RECYCLABLE and can withstand temperatures between -40°C and +90°C and acid attacks and basic.

  • Grilles - MATERIAL STEEL

    Soul indestructible AirDecor, the echoes of the clang of the forge, the vital spark that instills warmth and imagination, in the perfection of the material steel.

    The austenitic stainless steel that we use for the creations and Contract line ” textured steel ” offers to cover a major drag to the attacks of acids and corrosion and is from German technology. Named with the acronym Aisi , is composed of iron, carbon and chromium, and has a low thermal transmittance value, which is why AirDecor chooses to reduce the phenomenon of condensation present in the accommodation facilities and private.

  • Grids - The ART OF...

    Primordial accent of the earth and the ancient knowledge of the Italian craftsmanship. The sobriety and warmth of the Tiles next to the solid promises of the living stone.

    The stoneware of the line “The art of clay” is made from clay, quartz sand, glass and other minerals, with silica and feldspar. These natural raw materials are processed with water and bake in the oven at very high temperatures. The result is a structure that is compact and resistant, resistant to chemicals, water, abrasion, loads and peak temperatures.


    A line of exclusive materials for those who want to stand out, innovation and research to meet the Italian style.

    The solid wood of the line “luxury” is made from a monoblock of walnut or oak in natural, treated with a protective water - non-toxic. The coupling with the profile in the Stainless steel stabilizes the normal contractions of the movement, typical of the wood alive.

    Hides and skins adopted for the line “luxury” are only in the first flower cattle and are certified for the use of vegetable tanning tuscany, with the trademark Genuine Leather Vegetable Tanning Tuscany. Are treated with only natural tannins extracted from plants and without the use of chemicals that are harmful. The veining and subtle scratches that bear witness to the purity of the material is a result of centuries of craftsmanship from the heart of Italy.

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