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Furniture for camping

Furniture for camping

Furniture for camping  There are no products in this category


  • Mobile kitchen, camping

    Kitchens camping tent veranda equipped with a shelf for the cooker, in some cases, windshield and ample storage space for your tools and kitchen utensils and the food. Some cabinets are provided with a compartment for the gas bottle.

    In the larger models work spaces suppelmentari are present next to the stove for the preparation of food, trays kitchen sink fixed or removable.
    Particularly convenient are the kitchens camping quick-assembly.
    In a few moments, and your cabinet is ready for use!!!
  • Furniture closet camping

    Wardrobes, camping cupboards for the veranda folding.
    Take a look at the new furniture for camping quick-assembly.

    It is not necessary to make any kind of connection structure, it is sufficient to open them and are ready to use. The closure is quick and easy.

    Once closed you carry thanks to the handle supplied or the transport bag.