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Elenco dei prodotti per produttore Divisual

Who we are

Divisual is born from the second generation of a company that operates in the lighting industry since 1971.

The activity was born in the tuscan capital and in subsequent years, you move in the province. Divisual is a brand new, a new project that takes form from the will of Andrew Baracchi, creator and founder that, with a group of designers and some good ideas, has created products of handicraft design with a fresh image and sophisticated.

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What we do

Guidelines classic and clean shapes are expressed in the elegant lamps, which sometimes become real installations. The classical to the contemporary, real materials and materials combined with precious finishes, and clean. These are the predominant features of the objects Divisual. These are the important concepts that preserve the tradition and the Italian culture in a world of copies, empty and without a soul. We work for contract for retail and show room. We work with architecture firms, but we are also able to develop independent projects.

How we do it

All of the products and its collections are made from the combination of the skilful hands of local craftsmen combined with the latest machinery. And it is precisely this union which gives life to objects of craft and design. We believe in hand made and done well, in matter, in the material worked by the expert hands of the craftsman. This, and the know-how derived from experience, allows us a large production capacity and a high degree of customization focused on the demands and needs of the client.

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