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Who we are

Pars Rug Gallery is one of the best companies of the Oriental rugs, the company has its headquarters in England but it consists of an International team.

Pars Rug Gallery has a selection of antique carpets of the absolute value that have been collected with care and love in time. The company also owns a wide range of carpets, contemporary hand made rare beauty.

Pars Rug Gallery Persian rugs, Kilims, carpets, indian, Turkish, Aubusson, Tapestries, and so on.

Each item is handmade according to the techniques of spinning tradizioanli and is created in the place of origin. The carpets of the Pars Rug Gallery are composed of natural materials and natural dyes to ensure the unique quality of the products.

Carpets today are veroe their investment, because the number of hand-made carpets are regressing progressively because of the high costs involved, and in time The carpets will take on a growing importance.

In addition, The oriental carpets share a unique relationship with the west, including Italy: they were a sign of prestige and wealth, and soon our courts, and Venice was the access to excellence to Europe.

Returning to the company the Pars Rug Gallery is to be remembered that is also involved in restoration of antique rugs and is able to carry out the work of great delicacy.

The company is based on the knowledge of three generations of the traders of Persian carpets, hence its great cultural background. The owner, in fact, comes from Iran and has a wide and in-depth knowledge on the techniques of weaving, on the carpet and on the history. Arash, this is his name of baptism, is part of many associations of prestige and is often present as a and is invited to conferences and debates on the theme of the carpets and their influence in history. Do you think that he gave a speech for the prestigious British Museum.

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